Johnny Weir compares figure skaters to penguins, remains best part of NBC's coverage

Dustin Parkes

While typical commentary on Olympic television broadcasts is mired in milquetoast platitudes, hyperbolic myths and false narratives, NBC's figure skating analyst Johnny Weir has added a dash of color to these Games that's gone beyond his retro Chanel jacket.

While covering Tuesday's pair's short program qualification, Weir said that the event was really a battle royale between Germany and Russia. He went on to explain Europe's domination in pairs, succinctly and hilariously:

The European pairs stay together for life. They're like penguins.

With Bob Costas taking tonight's Prime Time broadcast off, perhaps the NBC execs should consider Weir as an alternate instead of Matt Lauer. At the very least, bump him up to the Prime Time spot for figure skating.