Super Bowl Media Day: Seahawks' Lynch faces $100K fine for not participating

David P. Woods

The players have yet to take the floor to field questions at Super Bowl Media Day in Newark, N.J., so the first big question of the day remains unanswered: will Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch show up and answer questions?

Lynch, who dodged the media all season and recently came under fire by those at the NFL's head offices for doing so, has plenty of reasons to play along.

Lynch hasn't explained his aversion for the media, but it's believed he feels he is frequently misquoted or misinterpreted. He also has a reputation as a very shy person.

The Seahawks know this, and they're doing their best to assist their star running back through a week where more attention will be focused on him than during any other in his life.

Assuming Lynch shows up and answers questions Tuesday, the story will become how much detail he offers in those answers. The NFL likely won't appreciate it if every response is a terse "yes" or "no." By offering one-word answers, Lynch could unwittingly focus even more attention on himself as the week rolls on.