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Ranking all 32 NFL schedule release videos

Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / Getty

NFL teams again got creative and stole the show while announcing their full schedules for the 2024 season. From the Los Angeles Chargers meeting The Sims to the Dallas Cowboys calling Eli Manning, this year's ideas are must-see.

Here, we rank each team's schedule release video:

32) New York Giants

A solid schedule release actually shows a team's schedule at some point, right? Not for the Giants this year.

31) Seattle Seahawks

Like the Giants, the Seahawks didn't share a video with their 2024 schedule. Instead, Seattle created a "scheduleverse" with some of its players. The idea isn't bad, but where's the schedule?

30) New York Jets

The Jets waited until the final seconds of their video to show their schedule. The team's challenge in the video is fun, but it doesn't have schedule release vibes.

29) Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals would've ranked a lot higher if they announced their opponents as the local artists painted the wall instead of showing the schedule only in the video's final seconds. Maybe next year.

28) Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis' schedule release video left many wondering what was going on. Maybe the source of the Colts' inspiration just wasn't viral enough around the NFL.

27) Pittsburgh Steelers

This is a swing and a miss for the Steelers. Their idea was somewhat interesting, but it wasn't a super entertaining schedule release.

26) Carolina Panthers

The idea of teammates painting each other isn't bad. However, it's not the greatest choice for a schedule announcement.

25) Denver Broncos

With Formula One star Lewis Hamilton - a member of the franchise's ownership group - part of the team's schedule release video, we expected more from the Broncos.

24) New Orleans Saints

The Saints lost points for waiting until the last seconds to show their schedule. At least they put together a creative video featuring several well-known personalities.

23) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs deserve credit for their idea of combining their 2024 matchups with some remarkable moments in franchise history. Still, a five-minute video with "docuseries vibes" is too long for a schedule release.

22) Buffalo Bills

Stop me if you think you've heard this before, but the Bills heavily relied on Josh Allen, and the star quarterback delivered. Should Buffalo have come up with a better script and supporting cast for him? Hopefully, that's not a preview of the team's season.

21) Green Bay Packers

It's a long announcement, but Green Bay did a good job creating an entertaining video featuring some of its best players and other notable personalities. In a year with several viral schedule release videos, though, more is needed to crack our top 20.

20) Detroit Lions

Involving actors or comedians to help with the schedule release is never a bad idea.

19) New England Patriots

The Patriots knew teaming up Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman would work. The star duo didn't disappoint.

18) Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings thought outside the box and treated their schedule like the team was releasing a next-gen product. Not bad.

17) San Francisco 49ers

Rita Oak went viral for drawing Jimmy Garoppolo hundreds of times. This year, the Niners teamed up with her and used a series of illustrations to release their schedule.

16) Las Vegas Raiders

As Al Davis once famously said: "Just 'When,' baby!"

14 and 15) Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs

What are the odds?! The Chiefs and Texans had the same viral idea for their 2024 schedule release.

13) Miami Dolphins

No NFL team is as speedy as the Dolphins, so Miami came up with the fastest schedule release. Although the schedule is hard to see in the video, the Dolphins hit a home run with their creativity and execution.

12) Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore added stand-up comedian Stavros Halkias to its schedule announcement, and the final video turned out to be exactly what you'd expect.

11) Philadelphia Eagles

Making their fans part of the video was a big hit by the Eagles, who came up with a creative and entertaining schedule release.

10) Dallas Cowboys

Manning's reaction to getting a call from the Cowboys as part of their schedule drop says it all. Dallas went all-in on its announcement, and it paid off.

9) Cleveland Browns

The Browns did a bowling-themed schedule release while making several interesting and smart references. Well done.

8) Tennessee Titans

The Titans - winners of last year's schedule release - lost points for reusing their same viral idea from 2023. That doesn't mean the final product is bad, though.

7) Chicago Bears

The beginning of the new era for the Bears with Caleb Williams, D.J. Moore, and Co. is off to a great start off the field, at least.

6) Washington Commanders

Creativity is a big part of a team's schedule release, and the Commanders deserve an A-plus for thinking outside the box and using the viral "cake or not cake?" idea.

5) Jacksonville Jaguars

The "Jaguars Studios" idea of creating team superheroes for each of Jacksonville's opponents was a big hit.

4) Cincinnati Bengals

Using a mascot football game while referencing team highlights from recent years was almost as good as the chemistry between Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase on the field.

3) Atlanta Falcons

Few teams were more creative than the Falcons, who stole headlines for paying tribute to the iconic video game NFL Street as part of the team's schedule drop.

2) Los Angeles Rams

Great idea, excellent references, and perfect execution. The Rams nailed it this year.

1) Los Angeles Chargers

Death, taxes, and the Chargers social team stepping up on schedule release day. Los Angeles got creative again in 2024 and produced this season's most entertaining video.

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