Snoop Dogg praises Kawhi's basketball IQ
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Diehard Los Angeles Lakers fan Snoop Dogg had high praise for Clippers star Kawhi Leonard on the latest episode of the "All the Smoke" podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

Snoop was particularly impressed with Leonard's high basketball IQ, and shared a story about watching him warm up during the NBA Finals last season.

"I'm a sports guy and I always have to look at that part of the game," Snoop said (starts at the 1:10 mark). "IQ can win more than ability and skill.

"When I went to the Finals against Golden State last year, I seen (Leonard) work out, 'cause I was there early ... (He was) shooting nothing but mid-range, mid-range, mid-range. I watched the next (player) come out: Three, three, three, three, free throw, three, three ... Everybody want the three, but the mid-range is a guaranteed two. If your IQ is right, you're gonna hit that mid-range more than you hit that three."

Snoop was among those who tried to recruit Leonard to the Lakers in free agency. Leonard ultimately signed a three-year, $103-million max deal with the Clippers.

Snoop Dogg praises Kawhi's basketball IQ
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