17 days until golf: Koepka learns to never trash-talk MJ
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The PGA Tour plans to restart its season June 11 after halting due to the coronavirus pandemic. Each day until then, we'll highlight key moments, people, or facts relating to where we are in the countdown.

Everyone was aware of the competitive fire that propelled Michael Jordan to greatness, but the recent airing of "The Last Dance" reminded the world of just how intensely that flame burned.

Brooks Koepka got a taste of Jordan's competitiveness and learned a tough - and expensive - lesson when the two played golf together: Never talk trash to the GOAT.

The two teed it up in a money game four or five years ago, and Koepka believed he had MJ right where he wanted him. Koepka was 1-up with two holes left to play and mistakenly reminded Jordan where the match stood.

"We were walking onto 17 tee and I'm giving him shots on 17 and 18. I forget what I said - I said something to him," Koepka recalls. "And he tees the ball up, he takes a practice swing, and he goes, 'It's the fourth quarter, baby, I don't lose.'"

"This is the MJ I remember," Koepka thought at the time.

In true Jordan fashion, he came up clutch.

"Obviously he goes on to win 17," Koepka said. "Then he just kind of looked at me on 18 tee, and on 18 green I remember he shook my hand and wanted to know where my wallet was at."


The world's No. 3-ranked golfer was far from the first - and certainly won't be the last - to slip up and provide Jordan with even the smallest amount of motivation. Now, after watching Tom Brady and Peyton Manning thrive in "The Match: Charity for Champions," who wouldn't want to see Jordan included in golf's next big exhibition event?

17 days until golf: Koepka learns to never trash-talk MJ
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