Report: Kevin Lowe offered to step down as Oilers President of Hockey Operations

Thomas Drance

The moribund Edmonton Oilers sit at the bottom of the table again this season. Though that's not a situation that's particularly unfamiliar for the hockey loving denizens of Edmonton, this year the fan-bases attitude pertaining the team feels different, more desperate, angrier.

A good deal of that criticism has focused on long-time Oilers executive and current President of Hockey Operations Kevin Lowe, who has been the target of negative billboards and other critical fan messaging this past week. Amidst the furor, the six-time Stanley Cup winner reportedly offered to take a sabbatical or step down altogether from his role with the Oilers.

From CBC's Elliotte Friedman:

"What I believe has happened this week with all the craziness going around the team, Kevin Lowe offered to either take a sabbatical or step away from the Oilers if they felt that, that would calm things down in the market and in the city. I understand that offer was rejected by the owner Darryl Katz...

Its been a wild time there right now and I believe that's a way he tried to get them to try and ease the pressure..."