Salary cap expected to rise after NHL's deal with Rogers

Ian McLaren

As the hockey world continues to sort through the NHL's new 12-year, $5.2B rights deal with Rogers, one thing that's all but certain is that it will benefit the league's 30 teams and hundreds of players.

As explained here by Matt Kwong of CBC, the NHL decides how much money teams can spend on player salaries based on a portion of total revenues generated by the league in the previous season. 

In other words, the salary cap is dependent on the NHL's financial success which helps to dictate the payroll formula. A more profitable year for the league equals both higher salary cap ceilings and floors for teams to work with.

After this new TV deal kicks in next year, "hockey-related revenues" will climb and therefore the salary cap is expected to rise, and perhaps significantly, for the 2015-16 NHL season.