Holik on Brodeur: 'We have to admire...how long he's lasted as a No. 1 goalie'

Brandon Wile

Martin Brodeur was Bobby Holik's goalie for 10 seasons in New Jersey. 

The 41-year-old Brodeur made a comment earlier this week proclaiming Cory Schneider was the team's new No. 1, which the 42-year-old Holik told NJ.com, shouldn't have come as much surprise. 

Why would it be shocking? He’s 41 years old. It’s time,” former teammate Bobby Holik said today. “Time doesn’t stop. I think saying what he said helps Marty to deal with knowing the end is near. As great as some of these guys are—like (Dominik) Hasek, Brodeur or (Patrick) Roy—eventually the end will come. It’s inevitable.

“We have to admire how long it took and how long he’s lasted as a No. 1 goalie. Now the team is not as good, he’s a little exposed. He’s in a transition, I believe.”

Holik, who retired in 2009, praised Brodeur for his career but also pointed out that it might be time for the only goalie to reach 600 wins to soon hang up the skates. 

“For Marty this is not going to be easy. Twenty years is a long time to be one of the best in the world. Then not be the best on your own team, that’s not easy. But we cannot expect him to do this forever. Time will not stop for anybody.

“Some people think they will stay young and at the top forever. I’ve never seen anyone do that. I was always in touch with reality, so when the time came, why wouldn’t I just walk away from it when I still could? I was never in a league with Marty or some other players in New Jersey, but it can only last so long no matter how good you are.

“Step out of the bubble a little bit and face the reality. I admire how long Marty has been a No. 1-- or, forget a No. 1-- as great as he’s been for all this time. That’s something to admire. When they were in the Finals two years ago I admired how he remained great and at the top for two decades.”