Darryl Sutter: Bissonnette infraction was 'marginal'

Ian McLaren

Los Angeles Kings head coach Darryl Sutter believes Paul Bissonnette's infraction that resulted in a game misconduct and a 10-game suspension was "marginal", according to Jon Rosen of LA Kings Insider.

(Bissonnette's) changing. If that was a regular season game, nothing’s going on. Quite honest, the referees called minors after the play…And there were no minors, either. They didn’t have to call it. Basically, it’s just like both teams had a lot of inexperienced players. There was one inexperienced referee, too, last night. Thank goodness we got those two veteran linesmen and a referee with enough experience that they knew there were no issues.

Sutter also referred to Jordan Nolan's hit on Rotislav Klesla as "a good, clean hit."

You can stop it, you can watch from every angle. The player had his head down, and he got hit in the chest. The other team never even reacted to it, quite honest, because they saw it, too. There wasn't much reaction to it at all. Both teams knew.