Kaepernick's lawyer believes 'smoking gun' will prove collusion exists
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Colin Kaepernick is taking on a multi-billion-dollar behemoth in the NFL, but his lawyer in his collusion lawsuit, Mark Geragos, believes there's a "smoking gun" out there that can take the league down.

Geragos detailed how digital evidence will be key to proving the NFL colluded against the quarterback during the "Reasonable Doubt" podcast, with co-host Adam Carolla.

"What you need is the email from ... (NFL commissioner Roger) Goodell to the owners, you need that smoking gun of the 'don't hire this guy,'" Carolla said, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

"We have very good reason to believe that that exists," Geragos replied.

Geragos continued, "The interesting thing will be when the discovery comes, and I expect the discovery to be very quickly. You know, you can't erase stuff anymore like you used to be able to; texts, emails, things of that nature."

Kaepernick filed his grievance against team owners under the collective bargaining agreement, and Geragos said this was done to speed up the process because the pivot "wants to play."

"I want to move this as quickly as possible," Geragos said.

While most assume Kaepernick and Geragos are facing impossible odds to prove collusion happened, the lawyer is confident in their case.

"Sometimes I just want to tear what little hair I have on the head out when I see legal commentators say, 'Oh, this is an uphill battle, it's that uphill battle,'" Geragos said. "Guys, the conspiracy statute in federal court is much tougher than the collusion standard in the (NFL's) CBA. ... And every day federal prosecutors are able to prove conspiracy.

"So I do not think it's as uphill a battle as people make it out to be, in fact I think it's fairly obvious at this point that there has been collusion. But I don't need to sit here and litigate it so much as let's see what happens on Sunday in the quarterback situation and whether somebody signs him. I still have a pretty good feeling somebody's gonna sign him."

Kaepernick's lawyer believes 'smoking gun' will prove collusion exists
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