GRAPHIC: What does $20 get you at the ballpark?

Jonah Birenbaum
Shaun Best / Reuters

Baseball is a great bit of fun -- there's action, nostalgia, the smell of grass, all that other flowery stuff -- but unhealthy food is the real impetus for many people to endure the agony of leaving their homes to attend a big-league ballgame.

But attending a ballgame and, of course, feasting on those delightful concessions, is seldom an inexpensive venture. Precisely how much that trip to the concession stand is going to cost you, however, is entirely contingent on which team you support.

As such, the kind folks at CNN Money conducted an investigation to determine how far $20 will get you at each major league stadium. (Aside: If the team you currently support is lousy, it'd probably behoove you to check this list if you're interested in changing your allegiance.)

As it turns out, $20 will command a fair bit of grub at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and if you hang around long enough, there's a reasonable chance the club will give you a chance to crack their rotation.

Incidentally, $20 doesn't go nearly as far at Rogers Centre, the concrete convertible that houses the Toronto Blue Jays, but at least the expansive beer selection will help distract you from the fact that Jose Reyes is once again on the disabled list.

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