Another night, another triple-double for Joakim Noah

Caitlyn Holroyd

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah recorded the sixth triple-double of his career - and third of the season - against the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday night, earning himself a spot in the record books. 

Noah had 10 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists in 35 minutes. It was his second triple-double in three games. Of note: Only Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen have more triple-doubles in Bulls history. 

"A triple-double is nothing to him," said Noah's teammate Jimmy Butler. "We are starting to expect that from him. He does so many things well that it makes it easier for the rest of us." 

Noah hurt his right thumb in the contest, and left the game wearing a protective brace, but said the injury wasn't serious. "Just a little boo-boo," he said. "I'll be all right." 

The Bulls hope that's the case, because Noah's playing the best basketball of his career right now. 

Most importantly: did you know the triple-double machine is also a rock-paper-scissors enthusiast?

[Courtesy: Twitter/@_MarcusD_]