GIF: Somebody remind Kendrick Perkins he's Kendrick Perkins

There are some problems with Kendrick Perkins.

On Wednesday, his shot selection and efficacy with said shots was a bit of a problem:

[GIF Courtesy: HPBasketball]

Here's a bigger problem though: Perkins averages 19.8 minutes for the Thunder despite being the third best option at the pivot on the team. Nick Collison and Steven Adams are both unquestionably better but play slightly less.

The minutes in concert with shots like the one above isn't all that bad, as Perkins shoots just 3.2 times a game. He shoots terribly for a center - 44.5 percent - but that doesn't matter much with limited usage.

Here's the biggest problem, however: statistically, Perkins may be the league's least valuable player. The Thunder are an analytic organization but give plenty of run to Perkins and Derek Fisher despite every indication - stat, scout and otherwise - screaming that they shouldn't.

It's perplexing but perhaps if it ain't broke, the Thunder don't want to fix it. They're 32-10, after all, and have another month to upgrade the position and another half-season to nail down their rotations.

In any case, no more turnaround fadeaways for Perkins, please.

GIF: Somebody remind Kendrick Perkins he's Kendrick Perkins
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