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Best moments from Warriors' NBA championship parade


The Golden State Warriors took to the streets of San Francisco on Monday to celebrate their NBA championship victory with thousands of fans.

Here's a compilation of some of our favorite moments from a memorable championship parade.

Klay loses championship hat

Klay Thompson decided to take a cruise on his boat to arrive at the parade but failed to account for the strong Bay Area winds. Thompson's championship hat flew off his head and into the water while he filmed an Instagram Live.

Goats recognize GOATs

One fan brought a pet goat donning a Stephen Curry jersey to the festivities. It's pretty clear where the Warriors faithful rank Curry among the all-time greats following his fourth title win.

Payton embraces the fans

Gary Payton II is celebrating his first NBA championship in style. The 29-year-old made sure to share the experience with those attending the parade, getting up close to take selfies and dap up fans.

Klay pokes fun at Steph

Thompson couldn't help but crack a joke at Curry's expense, chirping his teammate for breaking down in tears during the final seconds of Game 6 with the title secured.

Draymond against everybody

Draymond Green doesn't need the support of anyone not rooting for Dub Nation - as he made abundantly clear in the closing words of his speech.

Klay calls out Draymond

Curry and Green had a tough time containing their laughter when Thompson began his speech by calling out his teammate's maturity level.

Draymond doubles down

Later in the parade, a fiery Green - undeterred by Thompson's words - had one more message to repeatedly pass along to his haters.

Best moments from Warriors' NBA championship parade
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