Grizzlies ball girl turns down $100K offer for LeBron's shoes
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You can't put a price on a keepsake from King James.

Memphis Grizzlies equipment assistant Briane Miller made headlines on Saturday when she was seen on the sidelines getting emotional while receiving a pair of game-worn shoes from Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.

Miller says she was offered $100,000 for the kicks, but decided to turn it down.

"I'm loyal to the max," said Miller, according to ABC Memphis' Jessica Benson. "I've already been offered for the shoes and everything. I'm not even looking at what ... there's no way I'm letting those go.

"They're locked up. They're not even out. They can't even see daylight."

Following a 111-88 victory for his Lakers, LeBron explained that he'd seen Miller on numerous occasions donning his shoes whenever he would play in Memphis, but had never actually spoken to her. When Miller revealed that she was a loyal supporter of his, he decided to hook her up.

Miller was previously a fan of Tony Parker based on her family's background, but switched her allegiance to James when he entered the league.

"I've just been following him. Of course, he's never really fallen off the grid," added Miller. "I've noticed his kicks, and I just started following them and getting his shoes. I think I was ahead of him in his sneaker game before he actually started catching on to the sneaker game.

"I've been collecting his shoes from the jump. He's just an outstanding player. I mean, I've been with him from the jump."

Grizzlies ball girl turns down $100K offer for LeBron's shoes
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