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Checo rips Max for refusing team orders: 'Shows who he really is'

Clive Mason - Formula 1 / Formula 1 / Getty

It was a tumultuous Brazilian Grand Prix for Red Bull Racing on Sunday.

World champion Max Verstappen and teammate Sergio Perez were at odds over Verstappen's refusal to allow Perez to pass him toward the end of the race.

Perez is in a tight battle with Ferrari's Charles Leclerc for second place in the drivers' standings.

Verstappen scolded the Red Bull garage after they inquired about his refusal to allow Perez to pass.

"I told you already last time, you guys don't ask that again to me, OK? Are we clear about that? I gave my reasons, and I stand by it," Verstappen said.

Perez wasn't pleased with Verstappen's antics after Red Bull team principal Christian Horner apologized for the incident.

"It shows who he really is," Perez said of Verstappen.

Perez admitted after the race that he was puzzled by what transpired.

"I have no idea," Perez said. "I'm really surprised."

Horner said he believes the team has already dealt with the matter and that it wouldn't be an issue at the season's final race in Abu Dhabi.

"I'm not going to go into what we discussed behind closed doors," Horner said. "The drivers discussed it and have shaken hands. We're absolutely on that next race."

Verstappen and Perez are in their second season as Red Bull teammates. Perez was lauded for his defensive work against Lewis Hamilton in last year's dramatic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which helped pave the way for Verstappen to claim his first world title.

"I have my reasons for that," Verstappen said following Sunday's race. "We just discussed that, and I think it was good that we sat together and talked about it. We move forward from here. If we go to Abu Dhabi and he needs points ... if he needs the help, I'll be there. We talked about it and cleared the air about why I didn't do it."

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