Cressy hopes throwback style will deliver upset against Medvedev

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American Maxime Cressy is a throwback to a bygone tennis era with a potent serve-and-volley style that has powered him into the Australian Open fourth round.

That intimidating presence will need to be perfectly calibrated for the supreme test against US Open champion Daniil Medvedev whose skill and, in particularly, steadiness carried him to Grand Slam glory.

But Cressy, who couldn’t even earn a place on the UCLA tennis team in his freshman year, plans to live or die by his attacking verve against the Russian second seed after pounding down an impressive 28 aces in the third round.

“Yeah, my mindset is to go for it and that’s my game,” the 24-year-old said. "I feel like on the good days it’s very difficult to beat that style of play going for both serves. The more I do it, the more natural it is and I feel like, with that game style, it’s very tough for the opponents to have any control.

“I’ve been developing that game-style for three, four years and it’s paying off, especially on the good days it’s very, very efficient.”

Cressy avoids being distracted by referring to a notebook when seated at the change of ends.

“It’s one of my routines to be in the present in those kind of conditions with the crowd and everything, the mind can wander really easily," Cressy said. "So I try not to look at what the opponent does because, especially when I’m very efficient on my serve and volley, they try different things to get in my head and, if I focus on them, it disrupts my game.”

The quirky Medvedev gave the impression he will be intrigued to face a net-rushing foe in their showcourt duel.

“I do think it’s possible to be a top player like this. But like no matter what you do, slice, serve and volley, or return good, if you want to be at the top, top, you need to make it almost perfect because other guys will try to break you and your style,” he said.

Cressy hopes throwback style will deliver upset against Medvedev
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