Robin Lehner called out on Twitter by Canadian pop star

Ian McLaren

Ottawa Senators goaltender Robin Lehner found himself in the middle of a so-called Twitter feud on Wednesday. The feud involved Canadian pop star Keshia Chante, who just so happens to be dating Ray Emery of the Philadelphia Flyers.

It all began when Lehner had this to say about Emery's recent fight with Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals.

I think (a suspension) is a good decision. It’s one thing, stepping up and man to man fight. That’s what a lot of players do (if) both players want to fight and both drop (the gloves). Somebody makes a hit and they want them to kind of stand up for what they did.

“Maybe it’s not my business, but watching what happened to Holtby is disgusting. He didn’t want to (fight). He wasn’t capable of it, but (Emery) pounded him and he kept pounding him and (Holtby) didn’t want to. He got his glove off to protect himself. (via Senators Extra)

Chante fired back on Wednesday, tweeting the following to Lehner (since deleted) - "you're an idiot", and, well, this:

Chante later tweeted a thank you to Lehner for apologizing (also since deleted), adding "even if it was via text." 

Lehner's response to all of this, and to the reaction from Senators fans who rushed to defend him?