Panthers' Krys Barch goes on terribly structured twitter rant

Katie Flynn

Florida Panthers forward Krys Barch pulled his tooth out in the penalty box on Saturday, and took to twitter to talk about... a bunch of stuff on Monday.

He decided to give his own point of view on the brawl that happened between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals, as well as disclosing his child was having a bath which encouraged him to express his view.

Barch sent out twelve tweets starting with the event that sparked the twitter rant. 

Barch went on to say the situation could happen to any team in the league and did not comment on the individuals on either team. He stressed this is a players point of view, not a writers. (We know, Krys.)

If you're already confused, so are we. What he's trying to say (we think) is you have to fight in order to keep the lead because if you don't watch your back the other team will sneak up on you and take the lead.

Barch continues to get away from his first point which was the fight that happened and why it happened. He decided to move to the subject of the NHL becoming a boys game. 

In the words of the player, not the writer, Krys Barch, if you take fighting, or brawling out of hockey it automatically becomes a boys game. 

This has been the first edition of Translating Krys Barch's Tweets.