Report: Floyd Mayweather bets over $10 million on the Broncos

Mike Dickson

Boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. is almost as famous for his outlandish bets as he is for his performances in the ring (okay, bit of an exaggeration but the man likes to gamble).  So it's not exactly shocking to see "Money" Mayweather getting in on some action for the Super Bowl, though the amount of cash he's apparently dropping is certainly eye opening.

Mayweather is just one year younger than Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, so perhaps this is his way of showing support for his generation. The Seattle Seahawks of course have something to say about the outcome and Floyd may have added a little extra motivation (not that it should be required for the Super Bowl).

Mayweather is no stranger to laying down large stacks on sporting events.  He cleaned up during the college football bowl season this year and even has had no problem putting big bucks on the second half of the San Diego Chargers season opener in the past.