Redskins QB Cousins: 'Robert is the franchise quarterback'

Josh Gold-Smith

Washington Redskins starting quarterback Kirk Cousins says he may have the job at the moment, but Robert Griffin III is the future of the team in the long-term.

"I do believe that Robert is the franchise quarterback here in Washington," Cousins told "He was drafted No. 2 overall. A lot of picks were traded to get him. Common sense would say that this is his team, and I've never wanted to take that away from him or do anything to undermine his role."

"Even as I start this week, I believe that, at the end of the day, this is Robert's team going forward into next season," Cousins added.

The 25-year old second-year quarterback will start the final three games of the season, while Griffin will be inactive.

"The reason they are resting Robert is because this is Robert's team and he is the franchise quarterback," Cousins reiterated. "You wouldn't rest him if that wasn't the case."

The Redskins are 3-10 and out of the NFC playoff picture.