Darrell Waltrip gets most votes in ‘Worst NASCAR Announcer’ poll

Scott Johnson

NASCAR fans are pretty opinionated about everything, but when it comes to broadcasting, a lot seem to agree on the same things. Mike Joy of FOX and Allen Bestwick of ESPN are the best announcers. But who’s the worst?

According to a recent fan poll done by Sporting News’ Bob Pockrass, Darrell Waltrip received the most votes as the worst announcer out of the three broadcasts (ESPN/ABC, FOX and TNT). Coming in second for the worst announcer spot was his brother, Michael Waltrip.

Fans were able to vote on the best, and the worst. Contrarily, Darrell Waltrip placed 4th as best announcer.

Sporting News conducted the poll over the span of the month, and racked up 5,247 total votes. They ranked the commentators by awarding 3 points for those voted best, 2 points for second best, and 1 point for third best. They did the same for the “worst category.”  They then divided the number of “best” points and divided it into the number of total points to give a best-to-worst ratio.

Here are the results:

BEST (points)AnnouncerWORST (points)
6,011Mike Joy430
4,290Allen Bestwick1,056
4,057Larry McReynolds 1,111
3,612Darrell Waltrip5,302
2,912Dale Jarrett566
1,620Rusty Wallace2,942
1,382Kyle Petty3,862
1,294Jeff Hammond856
1,260Ray Evernham647
1,113Andy Petree656
987Wally Dallenbach2,374
955Kenny Wallace1,348
501Michael Waltrip4,737
446Adam Alexander1,592
367Brad Daugherty2,960

Quotes from fans that voted for Waltrip in the "worst" category:

  • “All he talks about is Danica, Danica, Danica, Junior, Junior, Junior and makes excuses for Danica when she crashes out. And that crap he says when the race starts, I turn the sound off. He says what NASCAR wants him to say, not what the fans need to hear.” 
  • Three words: boogity, boogity, boogity.” 
  • “When he worked Nationwide races for TNN in the late 90s he showed tremendous potential as the next Ned Jarrett or Benny Parsons. Fox has ruined him.” 
  • “Over the top … corny, unprofessional, gets excited for no reason.” 
  • “… So tired of hearing ‘boogity, boogity, boogity.’ I loved him as a driver, can’t stand him as an announcer.”