The Vancouver Canucks' team bus broke down, which is a perfect allegory for their season

Thomas Drance
Anne-Marie Sorvin / USA TODAY Sports

The Vancouver Canucks once owned two of the best team buses in hockey (not really, but go with it). But they traded both of their elite buses for cents on the dollar in the span of one calender year. 

Recently the club has decided to rely on a bus that managed to get their AHL team around quite well in the past, but was unproven at the NHL level. In Washington D.C. on Friday, it cost the team.

The Vancouver Canucks bus broke down in Washington D.C. on Friday afternoon, forcing the players to do their best to hail cabs. The team's Twitter account shared a photo of the misadventure:

The Vancouver Canucks have been in a free fall down the standings for a couple of months now, and their bus breaking down qualifies as some heavy symbolism. Presumably after the bus broke down, clouds gathered and a freak squall soaked the entire team. What better way to wash down a disappointing season than with a warm mug of pathetic fallacy?

At least this season the Canucks have tried something new. Usually they wait until the postseason before blowing a tire.