Jaromir Jagr on turning 42-years old: 'I don't get old, man. I'm alive'

Thomas Drance

On Saturday, legendary New Jersey Devils and Czech Republic forward Jaromir Jagr will turn 42 years old. But you wouldn't know it to watch his game. While the speed isn't quite where it used to be, Jagr's game is anything but decrepit.

"I don’t get old, man," said Jagr. "I am alive." Jagr isn't old so much as he's just awesome.

"He’s still got that strength, he’s got power, he’s really strong in the corners," Jagr's teammate David Krejci marveled following the Czech side's 4-2 victory over Latvia on Friday. "It’s good to see him playing like that."

The 42-year-old surefire Hockey Hall of Famer has now scored two goals at the 2014 Olympics in just two games. 

Asked by reporters if he's planning to score every game Jagr responded coyly, "Yeah, probably." According to Sportsnet's Chris Johnston, Jagr then winked and ended the interview.

With the Czech national program embroiled in second-guessing and a wave of criticism over player selection, Jagr is wise enough to keep things lose in the locker room. 

He's also oddly charming. "We always feel good," said Jagr, when asked about the criticism his team has faced at this tournament. "We are from the Czech Republic, we are always loose, man. We’ve always got fun. No pressure."