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Report: Growing appetite among general managers to change NHL's point system

That the National Hockey League's point system, as it currently stands, has some significant issues isn't exactly news to hockey fans. 

The so called "Bettman point" - a single point awarded to a team that is tied after sixty minutes but loses in overtime, or in the shootout - is particularly problematic. Arguably the "loser point" creates some odd incentives late in games (resulting in more conservative play) and also results in a "value imbalance" in terms of the value of each contest (some games are worth two total points, while others that end after regulation are worth three).

The result: a lot of safe, risk-averse, boring play late in games; and an undue weight given to shootout victories. 

But change could be in the air at the next NHL general manager's meeting, due to be held in March. According to a report from ESPN's Craig Custance (insider) there's a growing sense of dissatisfaction among NHL general managers with the NHL's point system, and the importance of the shootout in particular.

Per Custance:

"While there are no guarantees (the NHL's point system) is broached at the next GM meeting there’s reason to believe that if it is, there might be more support this time around than there was in 2007 when it was steamrolled out of the room. 

For one, there’s growing discontent over how many games are decided in the shootout. That unhappiness has manifested itself in efforts to change overtime, either simply by extending the 4-on-4 session or even introducing 3-on-3 if that doesn’t work. Anything to lessen the impact and frequency of the shootout, something that is essentially viewed as a coin toss that has too large an impact on the standings."

Custance quotes several anonymous league executives who both favor and opposed changes to the NHL's point system, including two general managers in Steve Yzerman (for change) and Doug Armstrong (against) who have been outspoken on the issue.

One proposal, which Custance touches on, suggests that the NHL should adopt a "European system" for their standings. Under the European system, NHL teams would be awarded three points for a regulation victory, two points for a victory in overtime or in the shootout, and one point for an overtime or shootout loss. 

So how would that impact the NHL Standings? Check it out for yourself:

Atlantic Division:

Standings Actual Points European System
Bruins 65 91
Tampa Bay 63 84
Montreal 59 82
Toronto 57 72
Detroit 52 69
Ottawa 51 67
Florida 45 58
Buffalo 33 30

Metropolitan Division:

Standings Actual Points European System
Pittsburgh 75 98
NY Rangers 57 80
Philadelphia 56 75
Columbus 52 71
Washington 52 64
New Jersey 50 65
Carolina 49 65
NY Islanders 47 59

Central Division:

Standings Actual Points European System
Chicago 75 102
St. Louis 71 98
Colorado 67 90
Minnesota 59 80
Nashville 51 71
Dallas 50 67
Winnipeg 49 55

Pacific Division:

Standings Actual Points European System
Anaheim 79 109
San Jose 70 92
Los Angeles 64 84
Vancouver 59 77
Phoenix 49 71
Calgary 39 48
Edmonton 36 46

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