Cardinals' Shelby Miller has a super long wedding recap in the New York Times

Steph Rogers

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher (and second runner-up in the 2013 NL Rookie of the Year vote) Shelby Miller recently wed his girlfriend of more than two years. 

Saturday, an extra innings-length recap of the mid-November affair -- in Missouri -- appeared in The New York Times. The print version will run in the paper on Dec. 1.

The 1,400 word feature explains the entire courtship of the 23-year-old Miller and Amy Peters. A regular season game story from your favorite MLB team's beat reporter might run around 700 words.

Here's what you probably don't even need to know:

  • Peters, a 'cheering squad' member of the Double-A Springfield Cardinals, signed a contract with the club that she would 'not socialize with the players'
  • In 2011, then-Springfield pitcher Miller was attracted to Peters
  • Peters: "I've always been really bad at following rules."
  • (You see where this is going, right?)
  • They were both dating other people at the time
  • They started texting one another frequently
  • (Trouble!)
  • Spoiler alert: They broke off their respective relationships
  • From the Times: "At practices and games, they kept their budding feelings a secret, but Mr. Miller sent her flirtatious texts from the locker room." 
  • (Fluffy stuff, etc.)
  • He proposed in Nov. 2012, shortly after his September call-up to the Cards
  • They were married on Nov. 16, 2013 at the Peters' resort in Eminence, Mo.
  • The bride wore pink cowboy boots
  • (She really did)
  • 170 guests could choose a specialty cocktail, Amy's Home Run (Kinky Liqueur and Champagne) or Shelby's Strike Out (lime margarita)

[Courtesy: Dan Gill for The New York Times]