Dallas Eakins' draconian health food baffles, angers Edmonton media

Thomas Drance

New Edmonton Oilers head coach Dallas Eakins is a bit of a health nut, and he firmly believes in inspiring people to live a healthier more active lifestyle. 

When he was first hired by the Oilers, in fact, he warned the Edmonton media that he'd be taking away their sugary breakfast pastries in short order:

On Wednesday as the media assembled, Dallas Eakins made good on that promise:

I'd like to tell you that the Edmonton media accepted the free plates of fruit and vegetables on offer with grace, but, that just wouldn't be true.

If Edmonton hockey media hold off on the mutiny and instead hear the Eakins siren call with open hearts, then at the opening of Oilers training camp next fall we might hear media members - rather than players - bragging about being in the "best shape of their lives."