Kobe Bryant thanks Clippers for franchise's worst defeat

Blake Murphy
Kirby Lee / USA Today Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers suffered their worst defeat in the storied history of the franchise on Thursday night, an ugly 142-94 drubbing from the Los Angeles Clippers on their shared home court.

As embarrassing as that might initially seem, injured superstar Kobe Bryant is seeing a silver lining in the beat down.

This continues Bryant's recent trend of shooting down any schadenfreude by suggesting that revenge is coming. It's always darkest before the dawn, and all that.

It's nice that Bryant can keep the faith like that, and hopefully he can sell Lakers fans on the same attitude. It's got to be getting tough for them, with the team suffering their first losing season since 2004-05 and their worst record since 1959-60 when the franchise played in Minneapolis.