Smash Mouth calls on Drake to behave on sideline during NBA Finals
Rick Madonik / Toronto Star / Getty

Canadian hip-hop artist Drake has had several feuds with fellow musicians over the years, but until now, none of his former adversaries ever had a song featured during the opening credits of the Academy Award-winning motion picture "Shrek."

The Toronto Raptors' gregarious global ambassador has been called out by whichever bandmate is currently operating the Twitter account for late-'90s ear-worm purveyor Smash Mouth. From one chart-topping act to another, the San Jose-based rock band is asking the Raptors' most-famous fan to tone down his sideline shtick during his team's upcoming Finals matchup with the Golden State Warriors.

Through three rounds of postseason action, Drake has frequently been spotted taunting opposing players from his prominent courtside seats. During the series against the Milwaukee Bucks, he took it a step further, using his proximity to the court to deliver an impromptu shoulder rub to Raptors head coach Nick Nurse.

Still, it appears Smash Mouth's shot at Drake was mostly in good fun. The band was quick to point out its appreciation for the 32-year-old's tunes.

Even if a true feud never materializes, perhaps there's still a possibility for a musical collaboration in time for summer 2019. What a time to be alive.

Smash Mouth calls on Drake to behave on sideline during NBA Finals
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