UFC fighters react to controversial Jones-Reyes fight
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After Jon Jones' controversial win over Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 last weekend, theScore asked UFC fighters for their scores and what they thought of the judges' call.

Curtis Blaydes, heavyweight: I had it Dom was up three rounds to two. I gave him rounds one, two, and three, and I gave Jon four and five. ... I think everyone's talking about Octagon control. I didn't really see it as Octagon control. I just saw it as Jon was hoping to get into the clinch by just pressuring him and Dom's footwork wouldn't allow it. That's not being controlled; that's taking what is being given. If a guy is gonna walk you down, you don't walk into him. You take angles. That's what Dom was doing. And he wasn't just going backward. He landed a lot of strikes - a lot of heavy strikes.

Belal Muhammad, welterweight: I thought it was a good decision. I thought Jones pulled it off. I feel like Reyes did very well in the beginning, and then he died off. He couldn't keep up that pace. Four and five was a for-sure round for Jones. One was a for-sure round for Reyes. Two and three could've went either way, but I thought Jones' pressure got him those rounds. I feel like everybody's calling it a controversy because you never really see Jon Jones get hit as much or in bad spots. No one really defends Jon Jones' takedowns like that. Reyes was able to pop back up. But I feel like, still, Jon Jones kept the pressure up, kept moving forward, kept Reyes on his back foot.

Eryk Anders, middleweight: I definitely think that Dominick Reyes won the fight 3-2. He won the first three rounds, stuffed all his takedowns in those first three rounds. He outlanded Jon Jones. So I'm not seeing how he lost any one of those three rounds. The last two rounds clearly went to Jon Jones. He took (Reyes) down. Even though he didn't do nothing with those takedowns - Reyes was able to pop back up - it definitely looked like he poured it on, pressed the action a little bit more in those last two rounds.

Gerald Meerschaert, middleweight: I had Reyes win the first three rounds and the champ won the last two. Reyes landed more significant strikes for the first three rounds. I think what it came down to was the judges saw Jones moving forward more, and that's what they rewarded. If you're a counterpuncher and you like luring people in, you're gonna have to change up your game, and you're especially gonna have to take it to the champ to win that belt.

Brian Kelleher, bantamweight: I went with Dominick Reyes rounds one through three. I gave Jon Jones rounds four and five. The one round when I went back and watched it that was close was round two I felt. (It) was kind of up in the air. I could give it a 10-10, which is not really heard of, and you could score the fight a draw. But if I have to pick one guy, I lean toward Reyes winning that round.

Jimmy Crute, light heavyweight: I thought Dom won one, two, and three. ... I'll say one thing about this whole event: I absolutely love Derrick Lewis, but the judges not scoring (Ilir) Latifi's takedowns and him controlling (Lewis) for half a round, and then they decide to score Jon Jones' takedowns that only lasted for half a second. How does that work? If you're gonna score one way, show some consistency through the whole card.

James Krause, welterweight: I scored it 3-2 Jones, but 3-2 Reyes would've been fine with me, too. It was close.

Youssef Zalal, featherweight: I gave it to Reyes. I gave the first three rounds to Reyes. That's who I gave it to. And then the last two were for Jones.

UFC fighters react to controversial Jones-Reyes fight
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