VIDEO: Fans give SP Bartolo Colon a standing ovation after he gets a hit

Gordon Brunt
Tim Sharp / Reuters

It was only a few years ago that most of the baseball world thought they had seen the last of Bartolo Colon. Gone were the days when he was dominating hitters as a member of the Cleveland Indians. So we thought.

Colon made a comeback to the major leagues in 2011 with the New York Yankees and then spent two seasons with the Oakland Athletics, one of which earned him Cy Young considerations. All thanks to some experimental stem cell surgery he had done in 2010.

But now he's gone too far.

[Courtesy: @jameso527]

Bartolo, we're cool with your stem cell procedure, but the evidence above may lead some to question what else you're taking. But man, did he look cool rounding first!

Now a member of the New York Mets, Colon will get plenty of chances to duplicate this feat in the National League. Look for him to shatter every single hitting record for pitchers in 2014.

On second thought, maybe not since he hasn't registered a hit during the regular season since 2005 and has a total of 10 hits throughout his 16-year career.