Reds, Diamondbacks wage war on Twitter over #FaceOfMLB campaign

Jonah Birenbaum

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The contentious #FaceOfMLB campaign sparked an acrimonious Twitter feud between the Diamondbacks and Reds on Sunday.

The Diamondbacks brazenly photo-shopped a picture of Cincinnati's candidate, first baseman Joey Votto, to show him endorsing Paul Goldschmidt, who represents the Diamondbacks.

Naturally, the Reds took exception to the Diamondbacks' gesture, and affirmed that Votto, the 2010 National MVP award winner, represents the real #FaceOfMLB.

However, the Diamondbacks took issue with the photo used by the Reds to promote Votto, likening the veteran first baseman to disgraced dodgeball player White Goodman, whose Globo Gym Purple Cobras were famously upset by Average Joe's Gymnasium in the 2004 American Dodgeball Association of American championship game.

Votto currently holds a slight edge over Goldschmidt in the voting, and would go on to face either Chase Utley or Felix Hernandez in the quarter-finals should he prevail.