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Boras: MLB needs to expand rosters because of pitch clock

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MLB agent Scott Boras says the league needs to make some adjustments to protect pitchers from suffering injuries as a result of the pitch clock.

"We need 27-, 28-man rosters because we've got to protect the starting pitchers," Boras told Rob Bradford on Audacity's "Baseball Isn't Boring" podcast. "Pitch clock is gassing a lot of these guys, it's very difficult now to get through five innings ... I think we've definitely got to extend the number of pitchers we have on the major-league teams. We're going to see a whole host of guys with 65, 75 appearances out of the bullpen, we've got to cut that back."

Teams are allowed to carry a maximum of 13 pitchers on the 26-man roster.

Boras said an increase would help ensure pitchers have a better chance of remaining healthy.

"We need to have that 14-man pitching staff, maybe 15, that would allow for clubs to … keep your starters' innings down, and also have a bullpen where you keep your number of appearances by your bullpen down so you can rest these guys," Boras said.

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