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La Liga demands 'positive' broadcasting of matches

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Barcelona, Sept 21, 2022 (AFP) - La Liga has a requirement in their broadcasting rules that the winning bidders of the television rights to Spain's top flight in the 2022-23 season must cover the league "positively".

Journalists associations in Spain have complained about the restrictions, which state that the league can ask for any individual who does not comply to be removed from their post.

"(Winning broadcasters pledge that) the production will be made in a positive way, avoiding damaging the image of the competition, clubs, players, coaches and fans," read the guidelines for the broadcasting tender.

"In the event that these principles are violated, La Liga will inform the awardee so that it does not reoffend in its breach, being able to request the replacement of the commentators and reporters who have breached the aforementioned principles."

Teresa Ribeiro, the OSCE Representative on Media Freedom showed concern over the restrictions stated on Wednesday.

"The new conditions unreasonably limit media freedom and the public's right to information," said Ribeiro. "This is unfortunately becoming a growing practice in the world of football."

A La Liga source told AFP that the restrictions were designed to "avoid tabloid topics and player family issues" during broadcasts of the games and in post-match interviews.

La Liga demands 'positive' broadcasting of matches
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