PHOTO: Canadian hockey team will be sleeping in tight quarters at the Olympics

by Feb 4, 8:21 AM

With a massive media contingent gathering in Sochi in advance of the Winter Olympics, scenes of what the athletes can expect when they arrive have begun to emerge.

Here's what the Canadian men's hockey team can look forward to when they check in to the village.

And here's another view from a wider angle.

As Ian Mendes of TSN1200 said, "Great way to build chemistry for a forward line," or perhaps a room more for Bert and Ernie.

Feb 8, 11:41 PM

Roberto Luongo on Sochi beds: 'Carey and I are going to push ours together'

by Feb 8, 11:41 PM

Vancouver Canucks goaltender and all around funny dude Roberto Luongo addressed his feelings about heading over to Sochi on Saturday night, following Vancouver's 3-1 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

In particular Luongo was asked about the tight quarters that await Team Canada's men's Olympic ice hockey team when they arrive at the Athlete's Village. "That's Europe for you," Luongo told reporters by way of Province beat writer Jason Botchford. "Carey (Price) and I are going to push ours together."

Luongo - who doubles as perhaps hockey's most famous toilet enthusiast - was also asked what he's interested in seeing in Russia. His predictable, but nonetheless amusing, answer: "The toilets."

Feb 6, 8:43 AM

Canadian hockey players won't be sleeping three to a room after all

by Feb 6, 8:43 AM

Twitter was abuzz earlier this week after a photo of the rooms allegedly going to be used by Canadian hockey players was posted online. It appears, however, that Sidney Crosby and Co. will have a bit more breathing room in regards to their accommodations in Sochi.

According to Canadian chef de mission Steve Podborski, the three-bed room was not indicative of what the situation will actually be. 

We just happened to open a door on a room that had our bobsledders going in, because they were transferring from the airport, spending the night, getting their bag of gear and then heading up (to the mountains) the next day. So we just tossed them in the room. And it was in the hockey building.

(via Neil Davidson, Canadian Press)

"They're two to a room," he added of the NHL players. "They'll be fine."

And Canada breathes a collective sigh of relief and/or shrugs in indifference.

Feb 5, 11:00 AM

Sidney Crosby shrugs off photo of Sochi accommodations

by Feb 5, 11:00 AM

The rather cramped quarters awaiting Olympic hockey players in Sochi was the talk of Twitter on Tuesday, but Canadian captain Sidney Crosby doesn't seem overly bothered by the situation.

“Pretty similar to Vancouver,” he told the Tribune-Review, referring to the 2010 Winter Games. “Not quite that tight, but we had three guys in a room, and I think (Boston Bruins star Patrice) Bergeron was sleeping in a closet. … To house that many athletes in that small a (town), it's probably what you're going to see.”

Safe to say Penguins' teammate and fellow Olympian Chris Kunitz will be the "small spoon" in any tight sleeping situation in Crosby's room.