Kings F Kyle Clifford fined for knee-on-knee hit on Oilers' Nugent-Hopkins

by Oct 28, 3:27 PM

Los Angeles Kings forward has been fined $2756.41 for his knee-on-knee hit on Oilers centerman Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on Sunday. The ill-timed and dangerous hit left Nugent-Hopkins prone on the ice for several minutes, although the Oilers centerman ultimately finished the game.

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Oct 27, 9:58 PM

VIDEO: Oilers C Nugent-Hopkins gets hit knee-on-knee by Kyle Clifford

by Oct 27, 9:58 PM

In the first period of Friday night's game between the Los Angeles Kings and the Edmonton Oilers, Oilers centerman Ryan Nugent-Hopkins got tagged by Kings pugilist Kyle Clifford.

Clifford appeared to attempt a hit on Nugent-Hopkins along the side boards, but whiffed, and ended up colliding with Nugent-Hopkins' knee. The impact caused Nugent-Hopkins to do a full somersault before lying prone on the ice for several minutes:

[Video courtesy SBN]

Though Nugent-Hopkins left the game momentarily as a result of this sequence, he's since returned to the game. Fortunately Nugent-Hopkins took several shifts over the latter half of the third period and looked no worse for wear. 

Oct 27, 9:45 PM

Oilers C Nugent-Hopkins returns after injury scare

by Oct 27, 9:45 PM

In the first period of Sunday night's game between the Los Angeles Kings and the Edmonton Oilers, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins took a knee-on-knee hit from Kings forward Kyle Clifford.

After the impact, Nugent-Hopkins remained on the ice for a long while receiving treatment and ultimately left the game. Nugent-Hopkins has, however, returned to the ice at this juncture:

Oct 27, 9:41 PM

Oilers C Nugent-Hopkins leaves game after taking hit from King F Clifford

by Oct 27, 9:41 PM

Oilers defenseman Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was hit by Kings forward Kyle Clifford in the first period of Sunday night's game between the Oilers and Kings in Los Angeles. 

The hit itself was rather awkward, but appeared to be knee-on-knee (though Clifford wasn't assessed a penalty on the play). Clifford's impact caused Nugent-Hopkins to flip over before hitting the ice.

The Oilers centerman struggled to get to his feet and remained on the ice being treated for a good while. Needless to say, Nugent-Hopkins has left Sunday night's game.

While the hit looked incredibly painful and frightening, Nugent-Hopkins returned to the ice without missing much time: