Darryl Sutter: Bissonnette infraction was 'marginal'

Sep 16, 8:54 PM

Los Angeles Kings head coach Darryl Sutter believes Paul Bissonnette's infraction that resulted in a game misconduct and a 10-game suspension was "marginal", according to Jon Rosen of LA Kings Insider.

(Bissonnette's) changing. If that was a regular season game, nothing’s going on. Quite honest, the referees called minors after the play…And there were no minors, either. They didn’t have to call it. Basically, it’s just like both teams had a lot of inexperienced players. There was one inexperienced referee, too, last night. Thank goodness we got those two veteran linesmen and a referee with enough experience that they knew there were no issues.

Sutter also referred to Jordan Nolan's hit on Rotislav Klesla as "a good, clean hit."

You can stop it, you can watch from every angle. The player had his head down, and he got hit in the chest. The other team never even reacted to it, quite honest, because they saw it, too. There wasn't much reaction to it at all. Both teams knew.

Sep 28, 9:39 PM

NHL explains why it bent the rules for Coyotes F Bissonnette

Sep 28, 9:39 PM

The NHL has released an official statement on why it decided to reduce Phoenix Coyotes forward Paul Bissonnette's automatic ten-game suspension to three games.

"Because this incident occurred during a preseason game, there was less video evidence than is typically available for these types of reviews, and as a result, the precise timing and circumstances pursuant to which Bissonnette entered the ice surface are not apparent in the video. What is clear in the video is that by the time an altercation ensued, there were six (6) Coyotes skaters on the ice as compared to the normal five (5) skaters for the Kings, and that Bissonnette was the "extra skater" that had entered the ice surface and joined the altercation."

Glad we could sort out that Bissonnette was actually on the ice, and five is the normal number of skaters allowed on the ice at one time.

"During the appeal process, video evidence not available to the league at the time of the assessment of the suspension was reviewed. Although not conclusive, this new evidence lends support to Bissonnette's contention that, at the time he entered the ice surface, he did so legally, to substitute for Phoenix forward Max Domi... None of the on-ice officials definitively contradict Bissonnette's contention."

So the suspension was reduced after inconclusive evidence was found. 

"It is important to emphasize the uniqueness of the facts in this case, particularly as it relates to the lack of adequate video evidence revealing the precise circumstances and sequence of events that are critical to the application of the automatic suspension."

Sorry Maple Leafs fans, David Clarkson won't be getting any of his ten-game suspension reduced for the same offense. You can read the full release here.

Sep 28, 7:05 PM

NHL announces Bissonnette suspension reduced to 3 games

Sep 28, 7:05 PM

Phoenix Coyotes forward Paul Bissonnette has been suspended three games by the NHL for leaving the bench to engage in a fight. His automatic 10-game suspension was reduced Saturday.

Without video of the incident, the NHL went on statements to determine whether Bissonnette left the bench illegally, or was in the process of a line change. 

Sep 28, 6:06 PM

Report: Bissonnette suspension reduced from 10 games to 3

Sep 28, 6:06 PM

Phoenix Coyotes forward Paul Bissonnette will be suspended three games for leaving the bench to fight LA Kings forward Jordan Nolan in a preseason game September 15th.

Bissonnette was assessed an automatic 10-game suspension after leaving the bench to fight, but appealed that suspension saying he was in the process of a line change. 

Sep 18, 7:13 PM

Bissonnette will appeal ten-game suspension

Sep 18, 7:13 PM

Phoenix Coyotes forward Paul Bissonnette has reached a decision in regards to the 10-game suspensions levied by the NHL earlier this week.

Sep 17, 9:34 PM

Bissonnette contemplating appeal of ten-game suspension

Sep 17, 9:34 PM

Phoenix Coyotes forward Paul Bissonnette may appeal a suspension handed down by the league that will see him miss the first 10 games of the season and forfeit close to $38,000 in salary.

In a follow up tweet, Sarah McLellan added "Bissonnette's decision should come tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon."

Sep 16, 8:14 PM

Paul Bissonnette suspended ten games for leaving bench

Sep 16, 8:14 PM

Phoenix Coyotes forward Paul Bissonnette has been suspended by the NHL following an incident in Sunday night's preseason game against the Los Angeles Kings.

Bissonnette left the bench to confront Kings Jordan forward Jordan Nolan, whose hit on Rotislav Klesla resulted in the Coyotes defenseman being carried off the ice on a stretcher.

 Bissonnette was given a game misconduct at the time of the incident.

No penalty was called on Nolan, and he will not face supplementary discipline by the NHL.

As Sarah McLellan of azcentral sports notes, Bissonnette will eligible to return against a familiar foe.