Glenn Hoddle forgets he's not holding a microphone

by Jun 7, 9:09 PM

Serious sports fans tend to disparage the pundits and talking heads on television broadcasts, but we'd all do well to remember that it's not an effortless gig. 

Sports are watched by such a wide array of people. Informing the casual observer of what's happening while remaining appealing to the most hardcore supporter is a difficult balancing act. It's not made any easier when you're thrust into action without much in the way of warning, as the ITV team was on Saturday.

During a delay in the England vs. Honduras friendly — caused by a lightning storm in Miami — Adrian Chiles led an impromptu panel of Ian Wright, Glenn Hoddle and Lee Dixon as they attempted to fill 45 minutes of air time, live from the bowels of Sun Life Stadium.

While the entire crew did well under pressure, it was former Tottenham player (and manager) Glenn Hoddle who came across as the most consummate of the professionals. 

Not even a shortage of microphones for the panel could get him off his game, as he forced us all to question our perspectives of reality by pretending to hold a mic. 

Grace. Under. Fire.

Good work. Good effort, Glenn. Don't let the shackles of the physical world stop you from doing a job well done.