McGwire on Canseco: 'I don't care to ever speak to him again'

July 23, 7:46 PM

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Los Angeles Dodgers hitting coach and former Oakland Athletic Mark McGwire has no sympathy for Jose Canseco's most recent attempt to reconcile with him at the 1989 Oakland Athletics title team reunion.

"It's too late," McGwire told "I don't care to ever speak with him again. What he did was wrong. I can care less what he does."

Canseco, who accused McGwire of using performance-enhancing drugs in his book, returned to Oakland last weekend for the '89 reunion and spoke about the decision to write the book.

"I regret writing the book for sure," Canseco said at the event which McGwire did not attend. "I battled and fought with the thought of, 'I wish I never used chemicals or steroids.' But I don't see how back then when I was only 19, 20 years old, I didn't really know the situation."

Canseco and McGwire, formerly known as the Bash Brothers, were one of the most feared power-hitting duos in baseball history. Canseco took to his Twitter account Wednesday to pour his heart out to his former teammate:

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July 18, 9:05 PM

Jose Canseco returns to Oakland for '89 reunion; regrets writing book with PED allegations

July 18, 9:05 PM

OAKLAND, Calif. - Jose Canseco says he was nervous and scared about showing up to the reunion for the 1989 World Series champion Oakland Athletics this weekend.

Until Friday, Canseco had not been back to the Coliseum since his playing days ended and he wrote his infamous book that alleged rampant use of performance-enhancing drugs throughout baseball. The 50-year-old slugger says he's received a positive reception from most of his former teammates.

But the one person Canseco would most like to see, Mark McGwire, couldn't attend. Canseco's former ''Bash Brother'' is now the hitting coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were playing at St. Louis.

Canseco reiterated that he regrets writing the book, which most notably accused McGwire of using performance-enhancing drugs. McGwire has since admitted to using them.

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