Johnny Weir compares figure skaters to penguins, remains best part of NBC's coverage

by Feb 11, 10:18 AM

While typical commentary on Olympic television broadcasts is mired in milquetoast platitudes, hyperbolic myths and false narratives, NBC's figure skating analyst Johnny Weir has added a dash of color to these Games that's gone beyond his retro Chanel jacket.

While covering Tuesday's pair's short program qualification, Weir said that the event was really a battle royale between Germany and Russia. He went on to explain Europe's domination in pairs, succinctly and hilariously:

The European pairs stay together for life. They're like penguins.

With Bob Costas taking tonight's Prime Time broadcast off, perhaps the NBC execs should consider Weir as an alternate instead of Matt Lauer. At the very least, bump him up to the Prime Time spot for figure skating.

Feb 22, 9:33 AM

PHOTO: FYI - Johnny Weir is wearing a Chanel brooch on his head

by Feb 22, 9:33 AM

It's figure skating's final Olympic day: new champions (some more deserving than others) will skate for fun and for the fans at the exhibition gala.

Johnny Weir is wearing the local flora in his weave, complete with a Chanel brooch -- just in case you were wondering how he would upstage the Olympians one last time in Sochi.
Feb 19, 11:46 AM

PHOTO: Weir's Ukrainian braid

by Feb 19, 11:46 AM

NBC analyst Johnny Weir has won a gold medal for his outfits in Sochi, and on Wednesday he's wearing his hair in a traditional Ukrainian braid in support of the people in Kiev, Ukraine. 

"I was planning, before I came, on doing braids because it's the style here," he told USA Today's For The Win. "I wanted to do it today because everything is going so rough over there." 

And it is indeed rough in Kiev. Mashable is reporting that live ammunition has been used on protesters. 

The International Olympic Committee won't allow Ukrainian athletes to wear black armbands, but Johnny Weir's doing his part: 

[Courtesy USA Today Sports]

Feb 14, 9:46 AM

PHOTO: Whose medal is Johnny Weir's outfit predicting?

by Feb 14, 9:46 AM

NBC analyst Johnny Weir is looking glorious on this men's free skate Friday.

By the afternoon, his outfit will have successfully predicted the color of one skater's Sochi medal.

Feb 13, 10:09 AM

VIDEO: Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir chose their Thursday outfits together

by Feb 13, 10:09 AM

Johnny Weir is going to have a tough time upstaging one of Olympic figure skating's biggest days in Sochi, but he's off to a good start on the morning of the men's short program. If the plan is to look like the Dark Knight of figure skating broadcasters, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Weir posed in a cape-like leather moto jacket with Russian coach Tatiana Tarasova (above, via Instagram).

He and co-host Tara Lipinski planned another solid day wearing too many designers to name, and luckily it's all captured in an Instagram video series wherein Lipinski says "Shoes!" and Weir says "Panties!" 

Get watching before your eyes are distracted by the glittery, quad-infused glory of men's singles at Iceberg.

Feb 12, 11:55 AM

What's Johnny Weir wearing today?

by Feb 12, 11:55 AM

Image courtesy of NBC SN

Johnny Weir continued his domination of the broadcaster's wardrobe event at the Winter Olympics, with today's blouse, blazer and carnation combination.

It's hard to believe, but not everyone is thrilled with Weir's fashion choices - as revealed by a quick look through his mentions on Twitter. Personally, I don't know what the big deal is. It's not like he's the first broadcaster to get creative.

Feb 9, 11:14 AM

PHOTO: Johnny Weir's necklace won the Olympics

by Feb 9, 11:14 AM

Johnny Weir is not competing in the Sochi games, but he's doing a tremendous job of being the center of attention in the broadcast booth.

Tara Lipinski's necklace never had a chance.