Report: Pelicans arena to be renamed Smoothie King Center

by Feb 4, 10:23 PM

The New Orleans Pelicans have already started their pursuit of 2017 restricted free agent and noted smoothie-lover Giannis Antetokounmpo.

According to a report from NBC New Orleans, the Pelicans are set to announce on Thursday that their home, New Orleans Arena, will be renamed Smoothie King Center.

Smoothie King is a chain of, well, smoothie joints, in operation since 1973 and originating from Louisiana. 

The NOLA Arena opened in 1999 and has been home to the Pelicans since 2002. It will also play host to the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 16, making the timing of a rechristening a smart marketing move.

"I hope the smoothies are made out of children," squawked mascot Pierre.

Feb 16, 5:07 PM

PHOTO: We told you, Pelicans using Smoothie King Center to lure Giannis

by Feb 16, 5:07 PM

Our first thought when the New Orleans Pelicans revealed that their home would now be called Smoothing King Center was whether or not Pierre the Pelican would demand smoothies made of children.

With Pierre now replaced with a far less scarier version of himself, that's no longer a concern.

Our second thought, however, was that this was likely a plot to try and lure Milwaukee Bucks rookie and smoothie-enthusiast Giannis Antetokounmpo to New Orleans. While Antetokounmpo can't even become a restricted free agent until 2017, it's never too early to plan for the future.

And so the Pelicans and Smoothie King rushed to install new kiosks and marketing material ahead of All-Star Weekend. Let's just say the whole scheme was a rousing success:

Feb 5, 10:08 PM

Pelicans agree to 10-year deal to name home Smoothie King Center

by Feb 5, 10:08 PM

As reported on Tuesday, the New Orleans Pelicans have reached an agreement to rename their home, currently dubbed the New Orleans Arena.

On Thursday, the team will announce a 10-year agreement to call their home the Smoothie King Center. 

Smoothie King originated in Louisiana and now has 675 stores in the United States, South Korea and Singapore. As part of the agreement, the Smoothie King logo will be all over the arena, two Smoothie King kiosks will be on hand for events and the entrance to the arena will have two 20-foot tall Smoothie King cups.

All of this is expected to take place ahead of next weekend's NBA All-Star Game, which the Pelicans are hosting. Smart marketing, this.

Read more on the arena and some really creepy Pierre jokes in the storyline below.