PHOTO: Hockey Canada reveals three jerseys for 2014 Winter Olympics

by Oct 8, 10:28 AM

Hockey Canada unveiled three separate jerseys to be worn by the men's, women's and sledge teams at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

 Hockey Canada’s president and CEO Bob Nicholson:

The new Olympic and Paralympic jersey is an emblem of Canada’s passion for hockey. Not only are we proud of the athletes who wear the jersey, but I encourage all Canadians to wear it to show support for our players. These jerseys are distinctly Canadian and will ignite our nation’s pride each time Canada’s athletes take to the ice to represent their country and the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams.

Canadian Olympic Committee president Marcel Aubut:

Canadians have been undeniably captivated by the Canadian hockey jersey for generations. For many, the red and white are not mere colours and the maple leaf is not just another symbol; rather, it has become a part of our very own identity. It stands as a reminder that despite our perceived differences, we as a nation share a passion and a tradition with the capacity to unite regions, languages and cultures.

In the official press release, Hockey Canada offered the following information on each jersey.


The iconic red jersey celebrates the rich history of hockey in Canada. From the vintage-inspired logo on the new lightweight front crest to the Canadian flag on the sleeve and the maple leaf graphics on the shoulders, the new jersey represents Canada from top to bottom.


Unmistakably Canadian, the white jersey is the perfect complement to the red. With ‘Canada’ standing out proudly in red on the white background of the front logo and the country’s colours flowing through the asymmetrical stripe on the left arm, this jersey is a perfect representation of the pride Canadians feel when it comes to hockey


To round out the exciting collection of jerseys for the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Hockey Canada chose to add a black third jersey. Inspired by memorable vintage Team Canada jerseys, this jersey will inspire our Olympians to win again. The bold ‘Canada’ word mark on the chest reminds the world of Canada’s hockey heritage, while the gold piping on the badges and gold maple leaf on the shoulders remind the world of Canada’s goal to win gold medals in Sochi.

All three were leaked at some point in the past month, and have elicited various reactions from the hockey community. Team Canada, of course, will ultimately be judged by the color of the medal worn at the end of the tournament, and not the look of the jerseys worn throughout.

Oct 8, 10:14 AM

PHOTO: Team Canada officially unveils 2014 Olympic jerseys

by Oct 8, 10:14 AM

With Hockey Canada set to unveil the jerseys to be worn during the 2014 Winter Olympics, the largest licensed apparel shop in Toronto released an official image of one of Team Canada's looks for the games in Sochi.

The jersey is similar to the one leaked back in September. 

Details on a possible alternate jersey have yet to be released.

Sep 8, 12:36 PM

Report: Team Canada may wear a black third jersey in Sochi

by Sep 8, 12:36 PM

When a photo of Team Canada's Olympic jersey was leaked last week, the reaction was decidedly lukewarm at best. But according to a report from Icethetics, there may be a third look in the works.

This image is a concept drawing by Icethetics contributor Steven Grant, based on a description "provided by a secondhand source."

The notion of a third Canadian jersey was first revealed by Robrto Luongo.

If there is indeed a third jersey, expect it to be part of the official reveal on Oct. 8.

S/T Puck Daddy

Sep 7, 11:49 AM

Team Canada to unveil jerseys on October 8th

by Sep 7, 11:49 AM

Earlier this week, a photo was leaked depicting a nonplussed Jonathan Toews sporting a pajama-shirt looking Team Canada jersey.

Courtesy: Getty Images

Hockey Canada still hasn't confirmed whether or not this abomination is the real deal, but we'll be able to see for ourselves in October.

Hockey Canada will unveil and launch the jerseys that its men's, women's and sledge hockey teams will wear at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi on October 8.

We look forward to telling the story and innovation behind the jerseys at that time.

Hopefully the "story and innovation behind the jerseys" is that the leak was an elaborate prank to make the Americans feel good about their equally ugly unis.

Sep 5, 9:31 PM

The 2014 Team Canada Olympic sweaters leaked

by Sep 5, 9:31 PM

Updating a previous item, it appears the leaked photo of Jonathan Toews in Team Canada's 2013 Olympic sweater is an actual photo of the actual sweater.

The players tried the jerseys on today during the media tour's stop in Newark for a future reveal. There has been no official confirmation from Nike or Canada but word is they are the real deal.

Once again, here is the sweater:

Courtesy: Tumblr
Courtesy: Getty Images, Melinda Pilon
Sep 5, 9:22 PM

PHOTO: Is this Team Canada's Olympic sweater?

by Sep 5, 9:22 PM

At the Prudential Center in Newark on Thursday afternoon, the 2013 NHL Player Media Tour made a stop.

A few hours later, this photo surfaced on Tumblr, Imgur and Getty Images. We know it's Jonathan Toews, and we know the sweater is ugly...

But nobody is able to confirm that it's actually Canada's 2014 Olympic sweater yet.

Courtesy: Tumblr

It looks an awful lot like the Team USA and Team Russia versions, complete with fake lacing and shiny shoulders.

More to come when this is confirmed or shot down as the official Canada Olympic sweater.